Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

By Tim Grimsley

The popularity of Laser hair removal is growing faster than ever. This growth is not by accident, laser hair removal offers several advantages to those seeking hair removal. The number of people looking for this service is increasing. Some reports are showing growth of the industry at 30% year over year. New specialists are opening up shops all over in large cities and small towns. Some beauty salons are starting to offer laser hair removal right in their shops. There is a reason that so many people are starting to offer these services. Popularity is the reason, there is no shortage of customers. If they were not getting business they could not stay open. In my hometown alone there have been several places open up in the last several weeks.
I decided to inquire at a couple of them to ask how the business was going, as I approached the salon it became apparent how they were doing, the waiting area was full. The receptionist told me that about a third of the customers were there for hair removal procedures.

The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is obvious, it is just a lot more convenient for you. Perhaps not the when you have to perform the visit at the specialist. But, Every time you do not have to shave, pluck, or wax it pays dividends. This is what is leading to the overwhelming popularity of the procedure.

There is also another great benefit to the laser hair removal procedures. That is the emotional benefits that it provides. Most people experience a boost to their self esteem and confidence.

Some customers describe this as the greatest benefit of all...CONTINUE

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