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Hair Transplant Surgery: Medical Hair Restoration

About Hair Loss
The normal person will shed in between 50 to 150 hair every day. This shed hair is constantly replaced by the growth of new hair from the same follicle that it has shed from. The new hair will grow approximately half an inch every month.

Baldness begins to appear when the growth of hair does not keep up with shedding. It will also be noticed when the new hair is thinner than the shed hair.

Loss of hair will always have a cause. The cause can be diagnosed and a treatment recommended by a hair transplant surgeon. It is commonly misunderstood that only males suffer from hair loss. Females too suffer from hair loss but not as much as males do.

Hair loss can occur due to a variety of causes. You are more likely to suffer hair loss if it is present in your family history. Hereditary hair loss accounts for the maximum number of cases of hair loss. Other major causes of hair loss are regular intake of antihypertensive drugs, diabetes, medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and scalp infections that are left untreated.

Diagnosing Hair Fall / Loss
Hair transplant surgery can help replace lost hair. Most of those who suffer hair loss and balding usually have got just one thing in mind; to get the lost hair back. They will go to any extent to try and get their hair back. Many quacks have found this to be a very quick way of making money. Many advertisements claim to grow back lost hair no matter how they were lost. This is where you should be careful; never go to just about anybody claiming that they can get your lost hair back.

Visit only a renowned hair transplant specialist. The specialist will first diagnose the cause of the hair loss. If required a sample of your hair will be sent for an analysis to diagnose the exact cause of hair loss. Fortunately, most of the cases of hair loss is treatable by undergoing the medical hair transplant and restoration surgery, performed by a professionally qualified hair transplant surgeon.

There are a very few cases when hair transplant will be useless; the transplanted hair will not grow. If such is the case, the surgeon will let you know, and also suggest an alternate remedy.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair transplant is a permanent solution of restoring lost hair. In previous years the procedure was a complex and painful one. Better understanding of hair problems and an advancement in the equipment used have helped make this procedure pretty accurate and simple, provided it is done by an experienced hair surgeon.

What hair transplant surgery can be described as is hair from a donor area is removed and transplanted onto the balding patch. A donor area is an area that contains healthy hair follicles that do not shed and is located on the back and sides of the head. Those who can undergo hair transplant surgery with good success are those that have healthy donor hair.

Techniques used in Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair transplant surgery has improved tremendously over the past few decades, especially since the last decade.

Single hair grafting, micro grafting, and mini grafting have replaced all previous techniques. These three are variable sized hair grafts, and using the latest equipment along with an experienced hair surgeon will help restore hair almost like it was before going bald.

Single hair grafting are single hair follicles that will be transplanted. These hair are fine and soft and will not provide total density. They are used to create the soft hairline which will lead on to thicker hair. The hair surgeon will need to create a hairline. This is a very difficult task and requires a lot of artistic skill and experience.

Micro grafting are grafts that contain 2 to 3 hair and will be placed just behind the hairline containing the single hair grafts. This will help in slightly increasing the density.

Mini grafting are grafts that contain 4 to 6 hair and will be placed behind the micro grafts. They will have the highest density.

This pattern will help the hair blend perfectly giving it a natural look.

Patient Comfort and Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery
Today, with the help of modern, precise, and advanced equipment, hair transplant surgery is not as uncomfortable as it would be a few years ago. There are a few minor side effects that may include some pain and an uncomfortable feeling just after the surgery. In rare cases there could be a temporary slight swelling over the area of surgery which can go down till the eyes. Formation of scabs over the area of surgery happen to some, and this is resolved within a few days.

More severe problems consisting of infection, scarring, and bleeding are almost unheard of today.

To make sure that you have a perfect hair transplant with minimum side effects, always consult a qualified and reputed hair transplant surgeon.

After the Hair Transplant Surgery
Normally a hair transplant surgery should take approximately 2 to 6 hours, depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. At times you may require the head to be bandaged. This is temporary and is removed the following day.

Using the latest equipment combined with an experienced hair surgeon, the bandage should never be required. Many today have a hair transplant done in the morning, and are back to work by afternoon.

What you must keep in mind is that hair takes time to grow. Don't expect a thick bush of hair to grow instantly where it was transplanted. Actual growth should start around the third month. Full results can be seen in about a years time.

The good news is that the transplanted hair requires absolutely no special maintenance and will grow for a long time to come.

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