Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to Stop Your Hair Loss In Weeks and Regrow Hair

By Colin Montana

In this article your learn how to stop your hair loss in weeks and give yourself the best possible chance of regrowth. This is ONLY achievable using this natural method...

Why You REALLY Lose Your Hair

There is a big misunderstanding about why people lose hair that falls into the myth category. So let's set address this. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) attacks hair follicles and either destroys them or neutralizes them. Resulting in loss of hair.

But what causes the production of the hormone DHT? Well, it certainly is NOT testosterone as is the popular myth. In fact, it is excess estrogen (the female hormone) that causes the OVERproduction of DHT, and this leads to hair loss. So to stop your balding and regrow hair you need to reduce your estrogen levels...

What Causes Excess Estrogen?

To reduce your estrogen levels you need to handle what produces estrogen - toxins. With ever increasing levels of exposure to toxins in the last 50 years, it's no surprise that hair loss is becoming more common, especially at younger ages...

The massive amounts of toxins over-ride a struggling liver - whose job it is to kill the toxins BEFORE they turn into estrogen. The toxin exposure comes in 2 forms - environmental (car fumes etc) and food (preservatives etc). To reduce these you need to clean the liver and so increase it's ability to kill these toxins.

Use a liver cleansing product for a few months to do this. There are many good liver cleansing products on the market to choose from. Also, try and eat more organic food to help out your liver.

One Last Step...

By cleaning the liver you will soon reduce your levels of estrogen back to normal levels, and no new DHT will be produced. However, you still need to remove the EXISTING DHT from your scalp. This DHT will continue to attack and destroy hair follicles and cause further hair loss until you remove it.

To remove this DHT you need to take a DHT removing agent for a few weeks. There are many expensive ones on the market, but you can also make your own at home for a fraction of cost. Start asap and use for a few week to remove the DHT.

By following the advice in this article you'll stop your hair loss and give yourself the best chance of regrowing your hair.

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