Monday, October 12, 2009

Treating Dry Hair With Natural Oils

Keeping your hair moisturized is critical! When it comes to women of color, especially Black or Biracial women, hair tends to be naturally dry and sometimes brittle. Dry hair leads to breakage from the hair shaft. Split ends are a result of dry and damaged hair cells. Many times the relaxing process, which involves harsh and damaging chemicals aid in drying your hair out and leaving you with a head of hair that resembles a bail of hay. How do you stimulate and encourage the healing and repair process of your hair naturally? Follow these tips to begin the process and keep it going to see a healthy head of beautiful, shiny, and silky hair.

Before you begin to moisturize and restore vital oils for your hair, you need to avoid or take a break from chemical relaxers. I know that this seems somewhat impossible for some women, but know that there are some styles that you can consider while you are transitioning. Many women that set out to just take a breather from relaxers end up going natural. The one thing that will restore moisture is to eliminate the chemical inducing damage that you are exposing your hair shafts to. Consider wearing the wavy look that you can achieve by just washing and thoroughly condition and allowing your hair to air dry. While your hair is still wet, you can take your fingers and swish your hair all over, adding essential oils. Trim your ends to rid split ends that only lead to more brittle hair.

Carrot oil can be used on your hair to replace moisture and revitalize your hair’s healthy state. It promotes the development of healthy hair cells. Apply a dime-sized amount to your scalp and gently massage. After massaging through, it is suggested to sit under the dryer to stimulate and allow to penetrate the shafts. Another option is to apply to hair and brush to distribute to ends of hair, paying special attention to split ends. Organic Root Stimulator makes great carrot oil.

Jojoba Oil is a natural plant extract that penetrates and replaces vital moisture to hair. This oil allows your hair to look beautiful and silky without giving you that oily residue that you don’t want. Apply this oil after washing and conditioning. You should start seeing results immediately.

Vitamin E oils add moisture as well as promote growth. It also battles dandruff. Massage it into your scalp for healthier and revitalized hair. You can opt to take a Vitamin E supplement for results. Vitamin E is also a remedy for problematic skin.

Jojoba oils are fabulous for replacing oils. It comes from the jojoba plant, which is mainly found in Mexico. You can find products that contain jojoba oils for hair in herbal shoppes and health food stores, mainly. You can also purchase pure jojoba oil from stores specializing in herbal products. This is one of the preffered products for thinning hair and bald spots. Massage the oil directly onto the bald spots each night before bed and wear a satin bonnet.

Rosemary oils are known for replacing what your damaged hair has lost over time due to chemical processing, neglect, and heat. Stay away from rosemary if you are pregnant! People who have lost tremendous amounts of hair due to illness, medication, or alopecia have resorted to rosemary oils and gained desired results. Because of it’s pleasant scent, many people use rosemary oils in between shampoos, as well as after them.

As always a good diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables is necessary for healthy, shiny, and thriving hair. If your diet is poor, invest in a good multivitamin to restore vital minerals and nutrients. To retain moisture in your hair, add moisture to your diet by drinking lots of water. Keep these tips in mind, use natural oils, and watch your hair begin to shine because of it.

About the Author:

Donna Rice is the owner of a black hair growth site with a growing black hair care forum

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